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Select one of the model number calculators for Megatel single-board computers, below.

Calculator for the PCpi - Embedded Hi-Rel, Low Power MMX Pentium Class PC/104 SBC
Calculator for the PC/II+p - Embedded Socket 7 Singe-board PC/104 Computer
Calculator for the PC/II+dx - Embedded 486 DX4/DX5 Single-board PC/104 Computer
Calculator for the PC/II+dxe - Embedded 486 DX4/DX5 Single-board 4x4" Computer
Calculator for the PC/II+vxe - Embedded V40 Single-board 4x4" Computer
Calculator for the PC/II+dL - Embedded 486 DX4 Single-board PC/104 Computer

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About the Calculators

  1. Select a calculator, above.
  2. Design your board by selecting the features you wish to have on a on the board.
  3. After all selections are made, you may record or print the selections and resulting model number.
  4. The resulting model number can be used in your P.O. or other communication with us when you are verifying your order.
  5. If you select a "custom" selection for a particular option, or if you wish Megatel to provide features not listed for a particular board, you may specify the custom selection separately on your order; contact us for assistance.
  6. You can always choose to contact your Sales Representative to determine your ordering model number.

About Megatel Customizable PCB/s

Megatel's innovative orthogonal approach to providing on-board features has two distinct advantages - first, it provides you with a board that can be literally packed with outstanding CPU features, such as High-Speed Communications, Ethernet, SCSI and other features; and second, if you don't need a particular feature, your board is made without the parts that support that feature. This means that your board can be customized in any combination of feature, and the price depends solely on the cost of the features you select. Furthermore, using the orthogonal approach, the PCB is pre-manufactured with all part footprints, only those parts you need are populated; you do not need to wait for nor pay for new designs.

While we can design and build you a custom board, we think you will delight in making your own board a reality by using one of the calculators on this Web-site. The calculators automate the process of determining the Order Model Number for the board, which is entered into Megatel's order entry system. You may also determine the model number directly using the tables provided in the respective board Technical Manuals or Datasheets. Or you may Contact Us or a Distributor for assistance in determining the Modem Number.

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